staining AuroraIf it’s time to restain your home’s siding or deck, it’s worth considering how the new color interacts with the surrounding landscaping. Paint Pals of Aurora uses a thorough staining process to ensure that beautiful wood surface on your home or deck looks great and lasts a long time!

Beautiful Color Combinations for Staining and Landscaping

  • Red and Green: Choosing a stain with a reddish undertone will produce a striking complement to green foliage. Green is an excellent choice for plants around the foundation of your home because it acts as a neutral zone between the house color and brighter accent plants further out in your yard.
  • Blue and Red: Burgundy foliage can also be used to pull bluish-grey siding into the landscape, such as with the Grace Smoke Tree or Crimson Queen Japanese Maple. Placed between chartreuse and blue plants, red helps to create harmony between the two colors.
  • Orange and Blue: Orange-colored leaves are rarer than red but Orange Rocket Barberry and Orangeola Japanese Maple are two excellent specimens if you’d like to create a dramatic color connection between your garden and a blue-tinted stain on your home. Conversely, Russian Sage and Blue Spruce are two classic Colorado plants that would look outstanding against an orangish-hued stain.
  • Homogeneous Colors: The previous color combinations are spread out on the color wheel, which makes their pairing a more dramatic effect. If you would prefer a more serene effect, than you want to choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as bluish stain with green foliage or orangish stain with red plantings.

With the wide selection available now, we guarantee that there is a stain to match your personal style, whether you prefer brighter or more muted colors. Thinking about how the landscaping connects with the stain on your home will greatly enhance its curb appeal. Whether you have siding or a backyard deck that needs staining, Paint Pals of Aurora can help create that pleasing connection between your house and garden- call us today for a free consultation!