The Interior PaintingPainting is a project that many homeowners are tempted to do themselves, but hiring professional painters has real benefits. Especially if your walls need work before painting, hiring experienced professionals to remove wallpaper, apply spackle, sand and prime will really pay off. Paint Pals of Aurora are knowledgeable interior painters with the skills to guarantee a quick and high quality result.

Tips for Hiring Interior Painters

  • Check credibility: Make sure the professional painting contractors you contact are licensed and insured, ask whether they use subcontractors and request a list of references.
  • Compare quotes: Ask for estimates that include all labor, paint and other materials. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) set the industry standards. Costs will depend on the project size, amount of detail work and the need for special equipment.
  • Ask for a timeline: Typically, a three-bedroom house will take between three to five days depending on if just the walls are being painted or any additional surfaces such as ceilings and trim.
  • Specify their preparation: Homeowners usually just remove accessories; the painters cover furniture and mask off necessary areas. You should not be expected to provide any supplies either.
  • Clarify communication: Expect a project manager to be there at the beginning and end of the project and to be available to answer questions via phone during the process. On site, a crew leader will be in charge and make reports back to the project manager.

Avoid the potential frustration of a do-it-yourself painting project and hire a professional contractor to take care of the time-consuming prep work, finish the job fast and deliver a smooth, accurate and beautiful result. Now is a perfect time of year to refresh your home’s interior, and Paint Pals are reputable interior painters in Aurora that will get the job done quickly with a superior outcome- call us today for a free estimate!