house painters AuroraWalls of brick or paneling create great textural interest in a room but often their color is outdated or too dark. When painting textured walls, the professional house painters of PaintPals in Aurora have the specific knowledge and skills to guarantee a beautiful and durable result!

Professional House Painters Advice on Painting Brick or Paneling


  • The Brick Industry Association cautions that exterior brick will need to be repainted every 3-5 years. Brick that is in poor condition should not be painted.
  • Proper preparation is essential and starts with a thorough cleaning, using a non-acidic solution, followed by a drying period of at least a day. Weed killer can be used to get rid of mold.
  • Ensure that the brick is completely dry before painting, as trapped moisture will most likely cause the paint to chip and can cause other problems in the future such as mold.
  • An alkaline-resistant primer is recommended so the paint’s durability is not affected by the chemical properties of mortar and some types of brick.
  • Using paint specifically designed for masonry projects will lead to the most successful results, especially a porous latex paint on exteriors to allow the brick to breathe.
  • Removing paint from brick requires strong chemicals and is not always completely possible, so think twice about painting this material!


  • Start by determining if the paneling is solid-wood with a varnish or veneer.
  • Whether paneling is solid-wood or veneer, it should be lightly sanded to create a good bond between the surface and primer. Panels that are chipped or deteriorating should be repaired or replaced before paint is applied.
  • A water-based primer is required for solid wood, while a shellac-base is used on veneer.
  • To avoid an orange peel texture, use a foam roller and lightly sand between coats.
  • For rooms that have floor-to-ceiling paneling, we recommend painting trim a different color for contrast.

Hiring professional house painters, like PaintPals in Aurora, is always the best choice for the smoothest and most durable results but it really pays off when dealing with outdated surfaces like brick or paneling!

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