deck restoration AuroraDespite the cooler temps we’ve been experiencing here in Colorado, we know that warmer weather is right around the bend! Soon it will be the season for spending as much time as possible outdoors and you’ll want your deck to be ready. Aurora Paint Pals are experienced, efficient and affordable experts in deck restoration!

Top Problems Fixed with Deck Restoration

  1. Fading– Although color is a purely aesthetic concern, it does make a big difference! The intense Colorado sun will bleach out the color of wood fairly quickly, turning it a dull gray. Two products besides stain will help bring back the wood’s original hue: a cleaner to remove accumulated dirt, and a brightener which will also help restore color.
  1. Water Damage– Wood needs to be sealed every couple of years to prevent exposing it to the elements and subjecting it to water damage. Check to see if your deck needs a new coat of sealant by watching how it reacts to water: if the water does not bead up but just soaks into the boards, then the sealant has worn away.
  1. Rot– The biggest risk to the stability and safety of your deck is rot. Take time to inspect every area and angle for crumbling wood, paying special attention to handrails and stairs where sealant may have not been thoroughly applied. If the deck was well-sealed but there are still signs of rot, there may be a problem with the gutters not properly diverting rain.
  1. Gaps– If the wood has shrunk over time and created gaps between the boards, then they will need to be removed and re-positioned.

The same reason that we love living in Colorado- the 300 days of sunshine- is the same reason that decks age so quickly here. To keep your deck looking great, annual maintenance is recommended and if that has been neglected, then a full deck restoration is probably needed. Save yourself the time and hassle of cleaning, sanding, repairing, staining and sealing your deck, and call the professionals of Aurora Paint Pals for top-quality deck restoration- you’ll be glad you did!