exterior painting AuroraYou may have heard that summer is the only good time to paint outside in Colorado. While it is true that exterior paint needs to properly cure in order to prevent surface staining, adhesion problems and mildew growth; summer is not the only season when this is possible. The skilled team at Paint Pals of Aurora are knowledgeable about every aspect of exterior painting in Colorado and can guarantee a long-lasting result.

FAQs for Exterior Painting in Aurora

What is the best temperature to apply exterior paint?

In the past it was 50 F, but now there are products that allow you to paint in 35° such as Sherwin Williams Duration, Resilience, SuperPaint and A-100 Exterior.

How long does the temperature need to stay in the recommended range?

For best results, the temperature needs to be in the label’s suggested range for a minimum of 48 hours after applying. Traditional latex paint requires at least 50° to cure properly, so if you would like to paint the exterior of a building in colder temperatures, consider using a formula specifically designed for application in cool weather.

Is dampness a concern when painting outside?

It can be problematic to paint outside when daytime temperatures are warm but dip dramatically at night. Dew forms quickly when temperatures fluctuate greatly, which can cause paint to stop coalescing. If latex particles do not have a chance to melt together completely, then moisture can penetrate and cause problems such as staining and poor adhesion when it evaporates. This is another reason to use a specialty paint that will cure at low temperatures.

How much dry time is necessary when applying exterior paint?

It is important to pay attention to the recommended amount of dry time and stop painting in enough time before moisture might become a factor. Usually 4 hours of dry time is suggested for most products.

If you have an exterior painting project in mind, call Paint Pals of Aurora for a free consultation to discuss a timeline that meets your needs.

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