Wood Staining

Solid Body Wood  Stains & Finishes

Wood surfaces provide a beautiful and welcoming appearance to any home.  Over time these surfaces must be maintained to remain that way.  Aurora Paint Pals specializes in solid color wood stains and finishes, we do not offer semi-transparent, or transparent options at this time. Solid color stain provides a uniform finish and protects wood for years.

Stains can be tricky to apply properly. Get a professional staining job from professionals–our training makes all the difference.  Our work will be top quality, will look great, and will last!

Depending on the condition of the surface, prep work will likely need a pressure wash and minimal sanding.  Occasionally a complete removal of the old stain is required (let a wood staining expert with plenty of experience from Aurora Paint Pals help you make that call).

Proper staining technique is necessary to provide a consistent and professional finish coat. Because of this we only assign our most experience professionals to tackle stains and finishes.  The final finish coat can be applied either with the use of brushes, rollers or sprayers.  Typically we recommend brushing and rolling stains to work the product into the surface and because of the unique properties of stains. After everything has been completed we then do a visual inspection with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our Staining Process

  • Pressure wash deck or other wood surface.



  • Scrape and sand as needed.




  • Using proper staining technique, the stain or finish coat is applied.  After all service areas have been stained we then take care of any touchups or inconsistencies throughout the project.  Of course we end each painting or staining job with an owner inspection to ensure complete satisfaction.  Call Aurora Paint Pals today for your free estimate.
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