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Interior of a Living room. Painting in Aurora, CO

Whether you’ve tried to paint a nursery, or maybe tried to update a bathroom, interior painting can prove to be much more difficult than you might think.  Let Aurora Paint Pals handle all the stress and provide a quality interior paint job as well!  We are truly professional painters that focus on detail, painting technique, thorough prep work and clean up.

Interior Painting Process:

  • Preparation for painting an interior in Aurora, CO. First, mask and tape off work for a paint free end result.



  • We are careful to remove any wall hardware like lighting, fixtures, base plates, etc.  This ensures a more consistent and even paint job.


  • Cleaning the interior of a Aurora home before painting. Visual inspection of entire service area, removing any dirt or debris



  • Aurora House Painting preparation.If necessary any surfaces in need will be scraped, sanded, and/or primed for quality and longevity of paint job.  This also includes caulking any cracks and repairing holes.  Damaged walls?  We can provide texturing to damaged areas.


  • Only after careful prep work is the finish coats applied.  We use brushing, rolling, and airless spray techniques depending on the job and your preference.


  • Before final completion, all detail work and trim work is done with brushes and rollers.  Final inspection and approval to provide superior customer satisfaction is the last step in our process.  Our job is not complete until our customer is satisfied.
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