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House painting Aurora, CO

Aurora Paint Pals truly understands that your home is your sanctuary, your oasis, and your most valuable asset.  We aim to treat each painting project with this is mind.  Regular maintenance of your home is critical to protect your substantial investment.  We recommend proper prep and repaint every 5- years.  We use only the highest quality paint and painting tools and techniques to guarantee a pristine paint job that will hold up to regular wear and tear.

Aurora Paint Pals will be meticulous with painting prep work and we will use proper painting techniques with an eye for detail.  We also offer inspections throughout the process to ensure your complete satisfaction when the project is complete.

Don’t accept substandard painting!  Often it comes down to all the prep work put into a paint job that dictates long lasting, high quality work.  Let Aurora Paint Pals handle this careful process to guarantee the work will be done correctly and to your satisfaction without the hassle (and cost!) a poor paint job will entail.

Typically, an exterior paint job can be broken down into three main steps: prep work, body application and trim application. Often times, it is the prep work that is going to dictate the quality and longevity of your paint job; and because of the harsh Colorado weather, it is even more important to ensure adequate prep work.

Our Process

  • Power wash for painting a house Aurora. High pressure wash to provide cleanest surface for paint adhesion.  We are also able to use detergents that can remove mold and mildew.


  • Peeling paint for painting a house Aurora. Thorough removal of any peeling or cracking.  Remaining areas will be sanded down to optimize painting surface.


  • Caulking before painting a house Longmont.Caulking and spackling of any cracks and holes in siding to prevent damage caused by moisture or rot.



  • Spot prime all bare wood or, if necessary, prime entire property.  Next, it is crucial to prime all bare wood, or in certain circumstances prime the entire house.


  • Trim Painting Aurora, COMask all areas to remain unpainted (windows, doors, rooflines, etc).


  • Only upon completion of detailed paint prep do we apply a long lasting, quality finish.  Painting may be done with multiple techniques including brushing, rolling, or spraying a surface and you are always given these options for approval.


  • All trim work is done by hand with brushes and rollers to provide the cleanest, most professional lines.


  • Final step entails several laps around property to care for any small inconsistencies or problem areas before we do our final inspection with clients.  Our job is not complete until you are satisfied.
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