Fresh Front Door Colors Suggested by Expert Home Painters

home painters AuroraWhether you want to up the curb appeal of your house because it’s going on the market or just want to give it a fresh look, choosing a vibrant color for the front door is a great way to make it more eye-catching! Since the front door is a relatively small area, going bold on this surface is a safe way to experiment with color. The experienced home painters of Paint Pals in Aurora have a wide variety of tried-and-true palettes that balance a colorful front door with more neutral supporting hues for the rest of the exterior.

Home Painters Top 5 Front Door Colors

  1. Chartreuse, or yellow-green, is definitely a in-your-face color but also a welcoming one. This hue works best with modern architecture- simple lines and a minimal aesthetic.
  2. Orange is another color that pairs well with a more contemporary style but a terracotta hue compliments many styles, especially Mediterranean. Any hue of this cheery color that you choose will be warm and inviting to your guests!
  3. Turquoise or aqua blue works well with green-tinted neutrals and white accents. Conjuring images of pristine ocean, it compliments tropical landscaping or a beachy decorating style.
  4. Leaf green is a bright color that stands out well against gray. It won’t call attention to itself as much as the previous suggestions but is very refreshing.
  5. Red has been a popular choice for front doors long before it was even a trend to paint them a different color than the rest of the house. This classic color looks great with every house style but especially traditional.

Choosing to paint your front door a vibrant shade means that you want it to stand out, so selecting more neutral hues for the remaining surfaces that won’t clash is important. The home painters with Paint Pals in Aurora have years of experience with exterior painting and know the best palettes that will work with the style of your house and enhance its features. Call us today for a consultation!


Don’t DIY When Professional Deck Restoration is Affordable in Aurora

deck restoration AuroraDespite the cooler temps we’ve been experiencing here in Colorado, we know that warmer weather is right around the bend! Soon it will be the season for spending as much time as possible outdoors and you’ll want your deck to be ready. Aurora Paint Pals are experienced, efficient and affordable experts in deck restoration!

Top Problems Fixed with Deck Restoration

  1. Fading– Although color is a purely aesthetic concern, it does make a big difference! The intense Colorado sun will bleach out the color of wood fairly quickly, turning it a dull gray. Two products besides stain will help bring back the wood’s original hue: a cleaner to remove accumulated dirt, and a brightener which will also help restore color.
  1. Water Damage– Wood needs to be sealed every couple of years to prevent exposing it to the elements and subjecting it to water damage. Check to see if your deck needs a new coat of sealant by watching how it reacts to water: if the water does not bead up but just soaks into the boards, then the sealant has worn away.
  1. Rot– The biggest risk to the stability and safety of your deck is rot. Take time to inspect every area and angle for crumbling wood, paying special attention to handrails and stairs where sealant may have not been thoroughly applied. If the deck was well-sealed but there are still signs of rot, there may be a problem with the gutters not properly diverting rain.
  1. Gaps– If the wood has shrunk over time and created gaps between the boards, then they will need to be removed and re-positioned.

The same reason that we love living in Colorado- the 300 days of sunshine- is the same reason that decks age so quickly here. To keep your deck looking great, annual maintenance is recommended and if that has been neglected, then a full deck restoration is probably needed. Save yourself the time and hassle of cleaning, sanding, repairing, staining and sealing your deck, and call the professionals of Aurora Paint Pals for top-quality deck restoration- you’ll be glad you did!


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What to Ask When Hiring Commercial Painters

commercial painters AuroraIf you need a painting project for your commercial property, it will pay off to take the time to research the best contractor for the job. Paint Pals in Aurora are licensed, insured, experienced, knowledgeable and affordable commercial painters who can handle any sized project. Gene Coviello on Angie’s List recommends that you “Always get at least 3 bids. Ask and state the same questions and expectations, [then] carefully compare that all proposals have the same amount of prep, materials and scope of work along with all the proper documentation.”

How to Hire the Best Commercial Painters in Aurora

  1. What is their type of licensing & insurance coverage? It is essential that painting companies have a state-issued license, workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to protect not only their employees, but also their clients and their property. A reputable contractor should be able to provide copies of all requested documents.
  2. How long have they been in business? The painting industry can have a high turnover rate, so be sure the company is at least two years old. Ask for a list of references to get a better feel for their level of experience.
  3. How knowledgeable is the contractor? The best commercial painters will not only have a lot of experience, but will also be up-to-date on the latest trends, products and technological advances in the industry. They should offer relevant suggestions for your project.
  4. What does their preparation process involve? The final outcome of a painting project depends a great deal on how much work was put in on the front end. Preparation of all surfaces to be painted should be thorough to produce a smooth and durable finish.
  5. How much will it all cost? Reputable commercial painters will provide potential clients with a formal contract stating the project scope along with cost estimates for materials and labor. If they offer a warranty on their workmanship, that guarantee should also be included.

Although it may be tempting to hire the company with the lowest bid, be sure to weigh their level of skill and experience when making your decision. Hiring reputable and highly-skilled commercial painters like those of Paint Pals in Aurora will ensure a smooth process and superior outcome.

Staining Can Complement Your Landscape Beautifully

staining AuroraIf it’s time to restain your home’s siding or deck, it’s worth considering how the new color interacts with the surrounding landscaping. Paint Pals of Aurora uses a thorough staining process to ensure that beautiful wood surface on your home or deck looks great and lasts a long time!

Beautiful Color Combinations for Staining and Landscaping

  • Red and Green: Choosing a stain with a reddish undertone will produce a striking complement to green foliage. Green is an excellent choice for plants around the foundation of your home because it acts as a neutral zone between the house color and brighter accent plants further out in your yard.
  • Blue and Red: Burgundy foliage can also be used to pull bluish-grey siding into the landscape, such as with the Grace Smoke Tree or Crimson Queen Japanese Maple. Placed between chartreuse and blue plants, red helps to create harmony between the two colors.
  • Orange and Blue: Orange-colored leaves are rarer than red but Orange Rocket Barberry and Orangeola Japanese Maple are two excellent specimens if you’d like to create a dramatic color connection between your garden and a blue-tinted stain on your home. Conversely, Russian Sage and Blue Spruce are two classic Colorado plants that would look outstanding against an orangish-hued stain.
  • Homogeneous Colors: The previous color combinations are spread out on the color wheel, which makes their pairing a more dramatic effect. If you would prefer a more serene effect, than you want to choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as bluish stain with green foliage or orangish stain with red plantings.

With the wide selection available now, we guarantee that there is a stain to match your personal style, whether you prefer brighter or more muted colors. Thinking about how the landscaping connects with the stain on your home will greatly enhance its curb appeal. Whether you have siding or a backyard deck that needs staining, Paint Pals of Aurora can help create that pleasing connection between your house and garden- call us today for a free consultation!


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Hire Professional House Painters When Painting Brick or Paneling

house painters AuroraWalls of brick or paneling create great textural interest in a room but often their color is outdated or too dark. When painting textured walls, the professional house painters of PaintPals in Aurora have the specific knowledge and skills to guarantee a beautiful and durable result!

Professional House Painters Advice on Painting Brick or Paneling


  • The Brick Industry Association cautions that exterior brick will need to be repainted every 3-5 years. Brick that is in poor condition should not be painted.
  • Proper preparation is essential and starts with a thorough cleaning, using a non-acidic solution, followed by a drying period of at least a day. Weed killer can be used to get rid of mold.
  • Ensure that the brick is completely dry before painting, as trapped moisture will most likely cause the paint to chip and can cause other problems in the future such as mold.
  • An alkaline-resistant primer is recommended so the paint’s durability is not affected by the chemical properties of mortar and some types of brick.
  • Using paint specifically designed for masonry projects will lead to the most successful results, especially a porous latex paint on exteriors to allow the brick to breathe.
  • Removing paint from brick requires strong chemicals and is not always completely possible, so think twice about painting this material!


  • Start by determining if the paneling is solid-wood with a varnish or veneer.
  • Whether paneling is solid-wood or veneer, it should be lightly sanded to create a good bond between the surface and primer. Panels that are chipped or deteriorating should be repaired or replaced before paint is applied.
  • A water-based primer is required for solid wood, while a shellac-base is used on veneer.
  • To avoid an orange peel texture, use a foam roller and lightly sand between coats.
  • For rooms that have floor-to-ceiling paneling, we recommend painting trim a different color for contrast.

Hiring professional house painters, like PaintPals in Aurora, is always the best choice for the smoothest and most durable results but it really pays off when dealing with outdated surfaces like brick or paneling!

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Best Season for Exterior Painting in Aurora

exterior painting AuroraYou may have heard that summer is the only good time to paint outside in Colorado. While it is true that exterior paint needs to properly cure in order to prevent surface staining, adhesion problems and mildew growth; summer is not the only season when this is possible. The skilled team at Paint Pals of Aurora are knowledgeable about every aspect of exterior painting in Colorado and can guarantee a long-lasting result.

FAQs for Exterior Painting in Aurora

What is the best temperature to apply exterior paint?

In the past it was 50 F, but now there are products that allow you to paint in 35° such as Sherwin Williams Duration, Resilience, SuperPaint and A-100 Exterior.

How long does the temperature need to stay in the recommended range?

For best results, the temperature needs to be in the label’s suggested range for a minimum of 48 hours after applying. Traditional latex paint requires at least 50° to cure properly, so if you would like to paint the exterior of a building in colder temperatures, consider using a formula specifically designed for application in cool weather.

Is dampness a concern when painting outside?

It can be problematic to paint outside when daytime temperatures are warm but dip dramatically at night. Dew forms quickly when temperatures fluctuate greatly, which can cause paint to stop coalescing. If latex particles do not have a chance to melt together completely, then moisture can penetrate and cause problems such as staining and poor adhesion when it evaporates. This is another reason to use a specialty paint that will cure at low temperatures.

How much dry time is necessary when applying exterior paint?

It is important to pay attention to the recommended amount of dry time and stop painting in enough time before moisture might become a factor. Usually 4 hours of dry time is suggested for most products.

If you have an exterior painting project in mind, call Paint Pals of Aurora for a free consultation to discuss a timeline that meets your needs.


How to Hire Professional Interior Painters

interior painters AuroraPainting is a project that many homeowners are tempted to do themselves, but hiring professional painters has real benefits. Especially if your walls need work before painting, hiring experienced professionals to remove wallpaper, apply spackle, sand and prime will really pay off. Paint Pals of Aurora are knowledgeable interior painters with the skills to guarantee a quick and high quality result.

Tips for Hiring Interior Painters

  • Check credibility: Make sure the professional painting contractors you contact are licensed and insured, ask whether they use subcontractors and request a list of references.
  • Compare quotes: Ask for estimates that include all labor, paint and other materials. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) set the industry standards. Costs will depend on the project size, amount of detail work and the need for special equipment.
  • Ask for a timeline: Typically, a three-bedroom house will take between three to five days depending on if just the walls are being painted or any additional surfaces such as ceilings and trim.
  • Specify their preparation: Homeowners usually just remove accessories; the painters cover furniture and mask off necessary areas. You should not be expected to provide any supplies either.
  • Clarify communication: Expect a project manager to be there at the beginning and end of the project and to be available to answer questions via phone during the process. On site, a crew leader will be in charge and make reports back to the project manager.

Avoid the potential frustration of a do-it-yourself painting project and hire a professional contractor to take care of the time-consuming prep work, finish the job fast and deliver a smooth, accurate and beautiful result. Now is a perfect time of year to refresh your home’s interior, and Paint Pals are reputable interior painters in Aurora that will get the job done quickly with a superior outcome- call us today for a free estimate!

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Common Paint Finishes

Water-based versus Oil-based:

Water-based paint consists of pigment and binder with water used as the carrier. Oil-based paint consists of pigment and resin in a solvent thinner. When thinners evaporate, the resins form a hard coating, leaving behind the pigment which provides the coating.

While there are two types of paint widely used today (lead based paint is not used anymore), there are more types of finishes that you will need to consider when choosing a paint as well.

Flat/matte finish:

A flat finish will hide any imperfections better such as chips in the siding panels or a crack, however it is harder to clean. Flat finishes are generally used for siding.

Glossy finish:

Glossy paint creates a hard, shiny, durable finish that is much easier to clean than matte. This is a great choice for trim and doors because it makes these smaller details really stand out. It is important to keep in mind that glossy finish also accentuates any imperfections so it is not advised to use it on siding or walls like you would matte.

Satin finish:

Satin finish is a sort of combination of matte and glossy. While this paint has a slight glossy appearance to it, it is not as much so as the glossy finish. It also will help to hide some imperfections like a flat or matte finish would, however due to the slight glossiness this finish is easier to clean that matte.

Exterior paint is a bit tricky because it has to be able to withstand a variety of weather circumstances from extreme heat to freezing temperatures to sunlight and humidity. Because of this, there are some paints that are specifically designed for certain parts of your home. For example, there is roof paint which is usually mildew-proof however should not be used for waterproofing. This paint can also be tinted to match the color of the roof.

There are also masonry paints, which are used for stucco, concrete, cement and shingles.

It is important to decide on your paint base, finish and type depending on where you live and the kinds of weather you typically deal with. Ask a Aurora Paint Pals representative to talk with you about some of the products you are considering to help make a recommendation.

How long does it take to paint a house?

The time it takes to paint an exterior of a house averages from 2 to 4 days, though there are several elements that can influence the duration of the painting process.

Weather is a main concern when it comes to exterior painting, which is why we have to watch on the forecast and are constantly updating painters and homeowners on weather changes.  Most paint cans are labeled on the temperature limits of the paint.  For the best results when staining a fence or deck, apply with the surface temperature between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sherwin Williams now offers paint that can be applied with the surface temperature at 35 degrees Fahrenheit which helps lengthen the painting season, they also have paints made to dry quickly and withstand moisture or ran that may quickly after the application.

The application process also has influence on the duration of the painting process.  Most exteriors are painted with a spraying machine.  Using the sprayer allows the painter to apply one good solid coat in the least amount of time.  However, some homes require more than one coat and need application with a brush or roller.  Painting the exterior this way can double the amount of time.

You can paint your home on your own, but by adding an extra painter you can cut the work and time nearly in half.  We here at Aurora Paint Pals are proud to have multiple well experienced crews ranging from 2 to 6 people, that continue to uphold great expectations, so before you begin climbing the ladder, call your local Aurora Paint Pals to get a free quote.

Other things to think about are: “How many coats do I want?” “How much prep is needed on my home?” “How many colors do I want on my home?” The answers to these questions can greatly affect the time it will take to paint the home.


Aurora Paint Pals Team