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Aurora Paint Pals is a professional painting contractor with locations across Colorado. Our mission is to be the leading painting contractor in the region by providing superior value, top quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction. Our reputation has allowed us to expand quickly–if you are interested in employment or franchising possibilities, please contact us for more information.


Company Profile

Aurora Painters

Paint Pals was founded in Fort Collins in 2009 and originally serviced the Northern Colorado area.  After a few short years our reputation was exceeding our ability to serve the incoming clients and we were happy to expand into cities across the Colorado Front Range area.  We have painted hundreds of homes and businesses and our focus on customer service and premium workmanship makes us one of the leading painting contractors in Colorado today.

Our expertise is primarily on residential painting and staining projects.  We are willing to tackle any project of any size and have now proven ourselves in the commercial painting industry as well.  Our services include interior painting, exterior painting, and staining with a focus on proper preparation and application that will lead to the best looking and longest lasting paint surface.

We are fully insured and offer a written guarantee on all of our work.  Our mission is to have satisfied customers–offering regular inspections and approvals by clients throughout the project.  Our Aurora painters are professionally trained, highly skilled, and capable of giving you a smooth painting process, from start to finish.


We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee If you are in any way not satisfied with the work, we will do anything and everything in our power to improve the situation. We believe in the saying the customer is ALWAYS right. Our standard operating procedure is to do whatever the homeowner thinks is the right thing to do if we ever have a problem.

Insurance coverage is very important to ensure your protection. Paint Pals carries general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and auto insurance for company vehicles. You can rest assure if any accidents or mishaps happen during your project we are fully covered. Of course we do everything we can to make sure these events never take place, but being prepared is just another way we can assure you a superior painting experience.

We wanted to make the highest quality paint job possible, so we created the only all-inclusive lifetime warranty paint job. It includes and covers all labor and materials to fix paint failures. We also offer a 2-year, 5-year, and 8-year warranty. If a paint failure occurs while you’re under warranty simply call us and we will schedule the repairs immediately.

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